Welcome to Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Institute of South Florida! No matter what the reason, deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure is a life changing decision which requires some planning. At Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Institute of South Florida we have thousands of visitors from all over the world who travel in order to be treated by one of our top plastic surgeons. If you are an out-of-town patient, your designated coordinator can assist you in setting up a virtual consultation with one of our physicians, scheduling the date of your procedure, and booking your travel arrangements and hotel accommodations.

You will find that our staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful as they answer all of your questions and provide detailed information regarding the length of your stay including airport transfers, and any other pertinent information which will make your journey unforgettable and maximize your comfort as you recover. Our Practice and staff follow specific protocols to accommodate our out-of-town patients


Miami has been known to be the premier destination for body contouring. We are thrilled to have such a diverse clientele base and strive to make the experience at Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Institute of South Florida as pleasant and gratifying. We highly recommend that our out-of-state patients fly in for a face-to-face consultation prior to surgery in order to meet your ultimate goals. To schedule your initial consultation, please fill out a virtual consultation intake form which can be found in our web page. Please submit photos of front, right and left view of your problem area(s). Within the first 24 hours, a patient coordinator will contact you to schedule a virtual consultation with your physician of choice, where you can discuss your concerns and desired outcome in detail. Throughout this consultation, the treating physician will recommend procedures that can help you meet your aesthetic goal and help you choose the treatments that are right for you. Once the consultation is completed, the patient coordinator will discuss the cost of surgical anesthesia, facility fees, and any other associated costs for your surgery. We highly recommend that our out-of-state patients fly in for a face-to-face consultation prior to surgery


Upon completion of your initial consultation, you will be able to schedule a surgical date. A deposit is required for our staff to provide you with said date. Your balance must be paid in full 10 days prior to surgery in order to avoid any cancellation. After your surgery has been scheduled, you will receive a packet via email which will contain pre-and-post-operative instructions and pre-operative lab orders. Please read all documents attached to ensure that all instructions are followed closely. We highly recommend all of our patients to have their finances in order prior to scheduling flights and accommodations.


At APS Surgery Institute our staff is trained to assist with all your travel, accommodations, and preparation for your surgical procedure/s. We understand the stress in traveling yet traveling alone and away from home for surgery.  Our staff will be ready to answer any questions or concerns regarding your travel plans. Our practice is located 10 minutes away from Miami International Airport. We encourage our patients to choose this airport as their airport of choice. The only other option is the Fort Lauderdale International Airport which is located 40 miles away from our practice. All patients, no exceptions are required to arrive at our facility no later than noon the day prior to surgery for their initial preoperative consultation with their surgeon of choice. Please follow these instructions carefully in order to avoid cancelation or a cancelation fee in order to reschedule your surgery.


Our practice highly recommends our patients to travel either with a family member or companion in order to reduce the stress level associated with the recovery process. There are many other after care recovery options to choose from while traveling to Miami for your surgical procedure. Our surgical coordinator will be available to assist with the appropriate accommodations based on procedure and financial needs. APS Surgery Institute of South Florida is not associated with any hotels or recovery institutions. We highly recommend patients to review all options prior to making a final decision. The health and safety of our patients is our top priority, if at any point of the process you feel lost or in need of assistance contact our practice for a staff member to further assist you.


Quoted rates depend on results of medical evaluation. Actual rates may vary. Certain restrictions and exclusions may apply. Various medical conditions and other factors may require additional costs for surgical procedures and/or make surgery unavailable.

Important Information: Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Institute of South Florida is not associated in any way with any recovery houses, hotel, or recovery institutions. We understand the need for these accommodations during the recovery process. We highly recommend our patients to bring a family member or friend to assist during the recovery process. Recovery houses are often not approved by the Florida Health Department, the Board of Medicine or any other governing body in Florida, Miami-Dade County or Miami. We recommend that all patients consult with the Florida Department of Health website () for a listing of all licensed health practitioners before making a final decision.